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Hi Loves and blessed Sunday  to each of you! Speaking of blessed, I’m incredibly blessed to be apart of these two lives – everyone meet Amaya and Zaya, my beautiful god girls!! Well, if you’re a reoccurring reader, meet Zaya; Amaya has appeared on my blog a few times in past.

One of my favorite pastimes with these beauties @oriogirls is to often capture moments like such since life as we know it is a beautiful uncertainty! I decided since our chemistry is pretty amazing – Amaya, Zaya, & Me is a new segment on my blog that will feature “Mommy & Me” inspired ootd’s and looks! I’m so happy that their parents (my besties) are allowing me to borrow their lovely girls to embark on this new adventure since I don’t have any children of my own to play dress up with. Honestly speaking, this is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, but having children hasn’t been in God’s plan for me just yet; I’m definitely ok with this now. It’s taken a long time for me to accept that having kids of my own may or may not be God’s plan for me, but in the meantime, I’m surrounded by two amazing little ladies who light up my life, two little ladies that I can help radiate positivity into, love on, spoil, and make memories with! 

Amaya – the eldest has always loved “getting pretty” and dressing up. It’s crazy because she’s so similar to me in so many ways. I remember when she was a little younger, she hated to get dirty and carried herself incredibly dainty at such a young age. Reminds me so much of myself. I was the little girl who’d sit on the bench and watch everyone else play because I did not want to get dirty. Not only does Amaya share my girly girl traits, she like myself has a huge heart, is sensitive, picky, reserved, introverted, and the list goes on. 

It’s so intriguing to watch Zaya grow and although she’s only eight months old, she has a personality that wins you over instantly. From a month or two old, she’s been winning a soul over at time her infectious smile. Talk about smiling on command, I’ve never witnessed a more happy baby and despite her being evacuated from her home at five days old due to the horrific hurricane in Puerto Rico last year, she has been the light in everyone’s life as of late. She’s personally taught me a lesson I constantly am in need of learning, that life is precious, no matter what the circumstance is. Her little personality is slightly opposite of her sister, but that’s what makes her unique. On my not so good days, Zaya has turned a bad mood all the way around just with her innocent and happy demeanor. I’m incredibly thankful for her little existence, and one day when she’s older to actually understand it’s my goal to express how grateful I am for her for those many moments.

Above all creating this new Amaya, Zaya, & Me section to my blog showcasing materialistic aspects of fashion, it’s my goal to document my encounters – special memories, lessons learned, fun finds, and more with you all as it pertains to these two special girls. Sure, I can’t discuss all the ends and outs of motherhood/ parenthood with you all (I’ll let their amazing parents do that), but it takes a village; I just happen to be apart of this one!

Until we get their blog/site/youtube up and runnning please follow @oriogirls on instagram or catch them on here in the near future!

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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