Amaya – Chapter Seven

Welcome to “Chapter Seven” my beautiful goddaughter! Chapter Six might have been your most principal year yet. You welcomed your little sister into the world and we are all super proud at how amazing you are as a big sister; you’re so protecting and loving and as Zaya continues to grow she’s going to realize and appreciate how awesome you are. Chapter Six also tested your strength as you had to abruptly move away from your home due to Hurricane Maria. After having to leave your comfortable life, familiar surroundings, school, friends, and most importantly your Dad, you remained strong throughout this period. You helped make the many relocations and transitions that much easier by being the meek and mild spirit you are. Most importantly, you helped your mom out with Zaya since your Dad stayed behind to fulfill his service and duty to help those affected by the hurricane. You understood the circumstances, for the most part which made this process that much easier. The love that you have along with the lessons you’re already learning will continue to mode you into the phenomenal girl you are and woman you will become! You are a blessing to me, you bring so much joy to my life. Here’s to hoping that your birthday dreams come true in all the ways you want them to! Promise you’ll keep God as your source from start to finish in your new chapter! I love you, forever!

-Godmommy ?❤?

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