Adore Your Core

Lola Shoetique Set | Lola Shoetique Sandals

Hey Lovelies! Tis’ the day and age where life is not normal if exercising, keeping fit, and healthy conscious lifestyle aren’t apart of one’s daily routine. Lola Shoetique’s matching set, “Adore Your Core” makes sure that one’s “core” is in fact getting that special spotlight, lol. In laymen’s terms, if the tummy isn’t flat, borderline flat, etc. – this might be slight motivation to make some strides to get it there (trust me, I got the memo).

Fun fact, this set was a wake up call for me, indeed.  I’m actually quite ok with sharing this, but I’m definitely working on getting this body of mine together;any day I could instantly wake up with that “flat” tummy I’ve been desiring/working toward but if I suck down one more chocolate shake, I’ll continue to further myself away from the goals I’ve set for myself (geez, life)…. To be healthy and eat right and look fab, or to eat and drink was soothes my soul and gain those absolutely horrid and unwanted pounds??? THAT IS THE QUESTION! The truth is, because my health can be extremely fragile in spurts, I always aim to be a healthier me, I do fall short often. Reality always kinda kicks in and I make poor decisions. I lack discipline, but am making better strides to improve my faults. I’m sure someone out there can sorta relate to this rate. I hope!

Nonetheless, I can’t take how stunning this set is! I mean, it does sorta tell on me which is why I decided to get comfortable and confident by posing with angles that didn’t completely expose me! HAHA! Jk, I am working to be a healthier me, but I embrace the curves God has blessed me with! 

I had previously worn this set a few weeks prior, paring it with designer combat boots, so this go round I wanted to give this look a more edgier vibe. Lola Shoetique’s multi-colored sandal was just the pop I was looking for! AND of course, y’all know that no look of mine wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add a matching clutch for the magiccccccc! 


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