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Hi lovelies! Confession time….. If I could wear an Adidas track sweatsuit to the office Monday through Friday, I’d definitely be ok with that. Unfortunately, workout wear doesn’t quite meet my company’s dress code. But, on the weekends, you better believe I heavily indulge in pretty much nothing other than sporty chic styles, even if I don’t have the opportunity to post it! I live for sporty chic looks and I’m sure most of you have gone through that phase  at some point also. For me, there’s a few reasons. First off, this look is clean, comfortable, modern, minimal with absolutely zero fuss. Then there’s the overall refreshing aesthetic of the sporty chic look, followed by a flawless synthesis between chic and comfortable. I mean……..what more could a girl ask for?!?  Sporty chic, luxe athletic, or whatever you want to call it is remarkably brilliant because it combines unexpected items of clothing, allowing you to avoid repetition when attempting to rock a sporty chic look. Now that’s a huge bonus, right??? For instance, Adidas x Tom Ford. 

I’ll be completely honest and admit that I never expected to pair these Tom Ford patchwork denim sandals with a tracksuit, at least not for a first time wear. Whenever I wear a “distinctive” designer shoe for the first time, I totally believe in giving the shoe the justice it deserves. After that, I’ll pair it with whatever looks good. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to be guilty of letting another “pricey” shoe become decoration and remain stagnant in my closet, so I went for it and rocked them with this semi flamboyant polka-dot tracksuit. I had been eyeing this sandals for a couple of months but didn’t immediately purchase them because I toiled with how this particular denim shade would fit in with my current wardrobe. In spite of that, I crossed paths with these beauties again most recently and decided to go for the purchase. I especially love the subtle leather trims and the chunky heels, which makes them not so difficult to stride in. I’m also pretty fond of how “luxe edgy” they are which actually makes them perfect for a day or night look. Ordinarily I would have initially paired them with a structured dress or pencil skirt.

Can we talk Adidas tracksuits or just tracksuits? I’m a die-heart tracksuit fan. Even while some consider it as a symbol of cheesy machismo and a “whack” pursuit of luxury, I’m obsessed because tracksuits can be a statement piece. Plus, you can always wear a track pant or track jacket separately. I would personally recommend not wearing it with tennis shoes because you don’t always want to look like you’ve just come from the gym.  Pairing a tracksuit with loafers or heels help to elevate the look. Always have at least one tracksuit in your wardrobe. It’s something you never want to refuse primarily for the advantage of the tracksuit’s versatility. 

I did not tag the denim and leather clutch pictured above because I’ve had it for quite awhile now and the place I purchased it from probably wouldn’t have a website anyway. But, I will say how lucky I was to have kept it because it blended with my look and almost appeared to be the matching clutch to my sandals. I love it when high-end and low-end mesh well!  On another note, I’m pretty proud of my baby abs coming in. I don’t work out as much as I should, but I do eat healthy on a daily basis and exercise at least two times a week. The key though is that I’m consistent. I consistently eat healthy and rarely waver away from getting in at least two days of some sort of exercise activity. I wish time permitted me to workout a little more regularly because I could only imagine what my abs might look like then! Nonetheless, until more than 24 hours are added in a day’s time, I probably won’t be able to commit to many more days aside from my usual routine. In life they say that consistency is key, and that my friends, I’ll agree with, even if your progression is slowly gradual. 

Hope you guys weren’t too bored with my “sporty chic” rant. Please don’t hesitate to comment below! Let’s chat! 



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