Adidas Originals x Spring1 Adidas Originals x Spring2

Adidas Track Jacket :: Adidas Leggings  :: Adidas Tennis Shoes 

Hey Lovelies! Spring is very near, which makes me happier than happy. Plus, you guys know what that means, right?!? Not only am I transitioning my day-to-day wardrobe pieces, but my activewear pieces will also change. Now I know some of you might think I’m out-of-my-mind-crazy, but there is a method to my madness. Buying/wearing cute workout clothes is what sorta drives me to workout. Yeah yeah, I know that might be a little cray, but everyone has their own method for workout motivation, so stop judging me, lol!! However, isn’t this Adidas Orginals print pretty picture perfect for spring anyways? This season wouldn’t commence in a perfect fashion if I didn’t spring forward with a Adidas Original matching set! The bright hues and floral print is just the motivation I need for my continued road of healthy lifestyle ?… In all seriousness though, I’m madly in love with this floral print, well any floral print really, but an entire workout outfit in floral just sends me over the moon and makes me irrevocably happy!    


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