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Adidas Originals Tracksuit :: Lola Shoetique Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! Cheers to the best month of the year (MAY)!! Let’s face it, May is the most of awesome month because one of the most awesome people I know entered the world in this particular month. Who’s this amazingly awesome person you might ask? Well sillies, of course I’m referring to yours truly – ME!!! It’s not every year I get this amp’d about turning another year older, but I have so much to be thankful for and especially this year. God has really brought me a mighty long way and has truly delivered me from what I thought was the absolute end of the road, sorta speak. Everything that I could have ever fathomed is surfacing in my life. I’m surrounded by nothing but positivity, and I’m all in all on the up and up in life. Truth is, I owe all of my gratitude to my higher being, because I realize none of the greatness surfacing in my life would not be possible without him; that and major life changes. So, all that to say, I’m overly excited about this month and all the great things that I will begin unveiling with you guys. I’m also super excited to just be able to celebrate another year of life. When I looked at all the photos from this shoot, I noticed a couple of things. One, I’m wearing yet another floral print. Two, I’m blogging another Adidas tracksuit. And, three (which I’m most excited to point out) I am smiling in every single photo. These expressions truly depict the place I am in life. Even on a bad day, I find a reason to smile. I try my hardest to not allow negativity, people, or life circumstances kill the joy I have in my heart. Even on a “so-called” bad day, I find something to help direct me back into my happy place – long walk on the beach, loosing myself in a good read, retail therapy, good food, quality time with my besties, travel, an adventure, etc.. I’m sure you all can relate, but if not, the one thing I’d wanna leave you with is – never take life to seriously (it took me awhile to learn this), appreciate the simple things, and enjoy the life you live. 

Apologies this post has nothing do with my “Adidas Originals Curso Print” tracksuit, but I felt super compelled to share a tad bit of what’s been going on in my little world. 


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