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H&M dress :: Aldo Sandals :: Top Shop Clutch

Hey Lovelies! By now I know you guys know that I live for  dainty dresses like this one shown above. However, I’m really attracted to this abstract & navy little number mainly because of the odd pattern and the cut and design of this dress. The texture is pretty unusual, it resembles a woven type of fabric, but it also has a sheen finishing. I love the fitted bodice fit, the bottom flare, and the the cut-out sections. In a previous post, I mentioned that NAVY is my new black, and again here, navy just gets it for me. I love how the hue contrasts against my skin tone. Nevertheless, I was actually pretty shocked that H&M released a color combo like this in the spring because this abstract & navy & burnt orange remind me of autumn. Kinda wonder if they got their spring and autumn color tones a little crossed this year. But regardless, I love the dress which is why I was bought it, so I guess I too am a little crossed, in terms of mixing up my colors for spring, lol. Oh well…. Breaking the rules is sort of my thing, well sometimes! =-) 


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