Throughout my lifetime, I’ve often heard many say that life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. Although very acquainted with that concept, it took me awhile to actually grasp it and apply it to my life. For years I had been stuck in a routine because I had perfected it. Therefore, it was naturally easy for me to do, almost with my eyes closed. After all, we are all creatures of habit. However, the idea of becoming a successful entrepreneur began surfacing in my mind, and I knew that “playing it safe” could possibly curtail my success. For years I struggled with battling two strong forces; on one hand I was an individual who’d seek out new experiences and on the other, I was complacent and content with remaining stuck in routine. In spite of this, one day I decided to break my own mold which began brewing the confidence and push I needed to initiate (what I foresee as) a never-ending journey. I call her, “MADAME SMITH.”

Stepping out of my comfort zone meant I was now ready to introduce “Madame Smith” and share her with the world. Trying new things in new ways, allowed me to connect the dots and put the necessary pieces together for my new venture. However, another concern entered my mind, which was the fear of failure. Attempting something like exposing myself to the entire “WWW” felt awkward, stressful, and overwhelming to begin with. After self-reflection and meditation, I remembered one of the main notions I live by – faith over fear! Soon enough I grew comfortable with the uncomfortable and that allowed me to make the strides to begin my expedition of blogging!

Fashion is my first love. It’s always been and will always be. Due to strict parenting, I was discouraged not pursue this love on a collegiate level after graduating high school. Within a six-year span, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, and a Master’s in Business Administration. On paper, I am decorated nicely, but ironically, my first love has never left me. In 2012, I started a basic fashion blog. I had no idea what I was doing, I simply delved into blogging and began having pictures taken of my random outfits and writing random rants about whatever came to mind. This was my outlet to express my fashion creativity and my escape from my corporate position and the real world. In trying to bring attention to my blog, I soon realized that fashion blogging was quite popular and a lot of hard work, not to mention endless competition. Though with passion, persistence, excellence, and energy, my goal has always been to be successful in whatever I set out to do, and “MADAME SMITH” is definitely not exempt to this mindset.

 “Madame Smith” is my open journal that includes my fashion sense, travel adventures, my rants and takes on life, random epiphanies, and lifestyle. This is my creative place where I express my creative sense, ideas, personal styles, and inspiration. Vibrant colors, bold patterns, simplicity, complexity, versatility, and mismatching describe my fashion sense. I tend to not to follow current trends or rules, I create them as I go and with what I feel. My personal style preference ranges from classy, chic, feminine, edgy, to comfortable. “Madame Smith” is more than a hobby for me. This is my passion. I put my heart and soul into every blog post as though I am pouring my spirit out to the entire world. Funny how life works, right? Although I work for a corporate company and I am collegiately decorated, and was advised not pursue fashion on any level ever, somehow and some way, I’ve found my way back to my first love through this outlet.

Sunshine, traveling the world, romantic comedies, fabric stores, and an array of music makes me happy on any given day. I am amused with the power of a smile. I am a firm believer in laughter healing the soul, so at any given moment I love to make people laugh, even if it’s with my quirky sense of humor. The fact that life is not promised to me on any given day is what gives me a Carpe-Diem-State-Of-Mind 99.9% of the time. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and with my faith in God alone, all will be okay.

Designing is something I’ve always wanted to do and if nothing else, life has certainly taught me to go after every single want and desire within reason because you really only have just one chance. With a huge leap of faith, MADAME SMITH COLLECTION is my fashion line and will be available for purchase in my online boutique.

Fashion and Words are my means of expression so I’d like to personally welcome you to “Madame Smith.” I hope you enjoy your visit here.