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Even in the chaos of things, I am grateful, thankful, and blessed. I have discovered much peace in slowing down and being free.

I am one of the “lucky” ones who will celebrate a birthday during this pandemic-in-a-city-with-a-stay-at-home-order-in-effect today! Yay me! However, if you know me I’m not really pressed about it too much anyway; I rarely celebrate my birthday, EVER. In fact, I am blessed for another year around the sun, but I’ve actually been MIA as of late. Yes, this has been intentional. What have I been up to? Well, just taking in life a lot more different than I have ever for starters.  Practicing social distancing and quarantining myself at home has meant more than staying away from people to avoid getting COVID-19. I have not been fearful of catching the virus and I have felt much more peace during this period than I ever have in my entire adult life.  NO LIE! In fact, I’ve learned much more about who I am as an individual and as I reflect today, I’m grateful that my life has been interrupted sorta speak, because I needed to adjust some things anyway. Sometimes life just happens like that. So there’s no Debbie-Downer over here or sad faces because there’s not much to do. I take so much pride in the simple things that a hike in Malibu I am embarking on today feels just as good as a trip to Disneyland! 


Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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