2018 – The Year Of Becoming

TFNC Dress

Hey Lovelies! It’s a new dawn and a brand new day, and I for one am extremely happy to say farewell to 2017; happily welcoming this brand new year. Happy 2018 – (The Year of Becoming) to each of you. I can’t even lie, 2017 was one of my most challenging years thus far. I experienced health challenges, adversity, and tumultuous times.  As a result, my year did not unfold the way I projected. Many days I felt defeated, and experienced depression  for the first time in my life. Nonetheless, in the midst of these unwanted lows, there were positive aspects which were my beacons of hope. I’m immensely grateful and thankful to God for these. I reflected heavily on 2017 as I normally do at the conclusion of every year, and realized that having a year like this was very necessary for me because it drew me so much nearer and closer to God and allowed me to exercise my faith wayyyyy more than normal. Like the old saying goes, “everything happens for reason,” and indeed it does!

Out with the old and in with the new, 2018 is a fresh opportunity to rid my life of the negative dispositions I  became accustomed to and a new opportunity for me to hit the restart button. 2018 is my year of becoming – becoming all the things I did not in 2017, achieving all the things I didn’t quite accomplish in 2017, and becoming exactly what God wants me to be. Often times, we get caught up in thinking that we can do every single thing on our own. Sike! Our strength and help always comes from the Lord. Our wealth and health, comes from the Lord! Our success and achievements, all come from the man above. Therefore, it makes sense to seek him first in order to become what he needs and wants us to be. He knows all the desires of our hearts and because this is true, he’s willing to assist us in every way possible as long as we hold up our end of the bargain. Seems like a pretty fair deal to me. With that said, my wish for all of you is that this too be your year of becoming, that your year be filled with the highest of highs and if there are lows, they will be balanced by the abundance of highs you are destined to have! May God richly bless you all. Let’s have an amazing 2018! 


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  1. Wow u look INCREDIBLE. Ur shape in this is banging!! 😉 U look so glamorous and elegant and classy. I love the back of the dress. Id love to see u style more dresses like this. x x x

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